Monday, August 25, 2014

Say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh-men!!!

Hey flossing friends... here's something to really sink your teeth into! I've lived in many parts of this great country and one of the biggest challenges every time I move is to find a new dentist and doctors that I actually like. Introducing... Dr. Hannah Lewis in Dana Point, California. She was recommended to me by my college friend, endodontist Dr. Duhli Chen, along with one of her patients. I live in Laguna Beach (hence the name Lynda Laguna), so I really wanted something close to home. I was assured it would be worth the drive, even though you usually only have to go to the dentist a couple times a year. I got there in less than 20 minutes. Super quick drive and easy to find. I was thrilled when I got there, because there's plenty of free parking in the lot. Fabulous! I walk in and am greeted by Kim at the front, who actually treated me like a person, not a patient. Friendly, efficient and very welcoming. The office is extremely clean and organized. Peaceful, pleasant - they don't overbook. The wait time was SO short! Kim even contacted my previous dentist and was able to request my x-rays while I was there. I was then brought in for my cleaning by Adrienne. Incredibly nice and very knowledgeable about everything going on in my mouth, my nasal passage, you name it! If I didn't know better, I would have believed she was the dentist. I've been to dozens of dentists over the years and she gave me my best cleaning yet. AND it didn't hurt. Even with all those uncomfortable things they have to put in your mouth, she was as gentle as could be. She also conducted conversation when it was actually possible for me to speak. I hate it when dentists ask you questions when your mouth is full of equipment and you can't answer. Why do they do that??? They used digital x-rays - I'm told much safer. Always a plus. She gave me some great advice on tartar control, toothpastes, electric toothbrushes, the correct way to use them, the proper way to floss and much more. My teeth are super smooth right now. I love it! After all that, it's time for Dr. Hannah Lewis. Super cool! I didn't feel intimidated at all. She gives you her full attention and spends more than 5 seconds in the room with you. She brought up all the pictures of my teeth showing me which were in good shape and which ones needed some help. Kids, take care of your teeth when you're little! They're the only ones you get. I wish I understood that way back when! She was completely honest with me and didn't try the scare tactic. She told me we could prioritize and not fix everything all at once. Most people don't love going to the dentist, but with an experience like the one I had today, I dread it a whole lot less! I have already made my follow-up appointments and am actually look forward to returning. If you're looking for a quality dentist in Orange County, you may want to check out Dana Point Smiles for yourself. It certainly gave ME something to smile about! Dr. Hannah Lewis 24655 La Plaza Dana Point, CA 92629 (949) 496-5713